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Cosentino Work Tops

  • Cosentino – Silestone

    Cosentino – Silestone

    Cosentino UK LTD Cosentino Group is a Spanish company located in Almeria in southern Spain and our business activity is focused on the design, production and distribution of architectural and…

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  • Cosentino Silestone Video

    Cosentino Silestone Video

    Please take a look at the Silestone video here.

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  • Cosentino Dekton Ultra Compact Work Surfaces

    Cosentino Dekton Ultra Compact Work Surf

    Dekton by Cosentino The result of a 128 million Euro investment and 22,000 hours of research and development by the Cosentino Group, Dekton is an ultra-compact surface, which is a…

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  • Cosentino Dekton Video

    Cosentino Dekton Video

    Please watch the Dekton Video here.

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  • Cosentino ECO Work Surfaces

    Cosentino ECO Work Surfaces

    ECO A new surfacing material manufactured in slab format from 75% industrial and post consumer waste – glass bottles, mirrors, calcinated ash rocks, micronized glass, porcelain – bonded with 22%…

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  • Cosentino Nebula Work Surfaces

    Cosentino Nebula Work Surfaces

    Silestone Nebula range  

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